Dividend Gate Capital’s new approach to help SMEs grow

Dividend Gate Capital is pioneering new standards in the GCC with its unique approach to business growth

Newly-formed private equity company Dividend Gate Capital (DGC) is pioneering new standards in the GCC with its unique approach to business growth for Bahrain’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

DGC’s equity platform is targeting opportunities with businesses operating in sectors such as food and beverages, construction services, industrial, e-commerce and financial technology. This distinctive approach aims to build growth in these sectors for the equity group as well as the companies that they will be working with.

DGC’s distinctive strategy is the brainchild of veteran bankers Mohamed Nedham Khonji and Khaled Mohamed Al Hammadi.

“Our vision is to create value with our partners, leading them to build successful world–class businesses,” said DGC founder and managing director Mohamed Khonji.

“A former executive director of Abu Dhabi Investment House, Mr Khonji has used his entrepreneurial expertise to craft a private equity platform which delivers knowledge, expertise as well as equity.

“We view all the companies that we are equity partners in as stakeholders. This approach views our stakeholders as also our partners with whom we are actively involved in the business development process.

“While Dividend Gate Capital’s equity partners represent a who’s who of the business community of the kingdom, the focus will be on the enterprises that we are working with. For us the distinctive vision that DGC brings can be seen in the respect and value that we give to all our stakeholders,” added Mr Khonji.

DGC co-founder and chief executive Khaled Al Hammadi said, “Our vision is that private equity should not be passive. We see our role as dynamic partners in enterprise and business development. DGC will lead from the front by setting the highest standards in corporate governance and business ethics. In addition we will be bringing our own enterprise expertise to create an eco-entrepreneurial platform to build prosperity and dividends for both the stakeholder companies and equity partners.”

Mr Al Hammadi as CEO of DGC brings a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from his time as head of placement at Audacia Capital, vice-president at Islamic Bank of Asia and assistant vice-president at Gulf International Bank.

He will lead a highly competent executive team that will provide management support, savvy business acumen and mentorship to the portfolio of companies under DGC management.

They will leverage on the knowledge and expertise of DGC’s network of key experts and advisers across GCC, Europe and the US, to provide added-value competencies to develop value and growth of companies within its portfolio.

“Our measurement for success is calculated not only by the financial dividends that our partners will be receiving but also in the valuable, enduring and socially responsible businesses that we will be creating with our stakeholders that will add to wealth and job creation in the kingdom,” said Mr Al Hammadi.


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