Dividend Gate Capital B.S.C. (the “Company” or “DGC”), established in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a Limited Liability Company targeting investment opportunities n GCC’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment with a long term view on international investment opportunities. ​Going for a balanced strategy of securing regular income and capital appreciation, the Company will be investing in a mixed portfolio of income generating investments and growth opportunities through private equity model.


  • Prudently invest and build world–class businesses to generate consistent top decile returns

  • Be thought and industry leaders who develop new business constructs and set the highest standards for governance and business ethics

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas and build a vibrant community of businesses and stakeholders

  • Create an exciting, challenging and desirable environment for a diverse, richly talented and stable team of out-performers


  • Become a role model in partnering and building, valuable, enduring and socially responsible businesses to generate immense value for stakeholders. 

  • Be universally admired and trusted managers of intellectual and financial capital.